Depending on the application or process, different parameters and surface characteristics are desired. In many cases, it is sufficient to clean the surface or remove the coating. Modern technology multiplies processes, which is why the versatility of laser processing is so important, including the different ways in which the laser beam interacts with the surface to be processed.

There are several processes where layers of coatings or oxides must be removed at the same time as the surface is made rough or structured. This also applies to polishing operations. In each of these cases, the technology of fibre-optic Laser PULSE systems can be used effectively.

The laser beam through an ablation process develops the surface by selectively removing layers with micrometre precision and excellent repeatability. Thus, laser surface structuring can be used to improve properties such as adhesion, wettability, electrical and thermal conductivity. This type of processing can also be used to prepare surfaces for various types of coating, surfacing and to improve the performance of mechanical seals.